enriching design solutions for the AEC industry

Automate manual work, minimize repetitive tasks, validate building data in real-time.

what do we solve?

Optimize the Design Flow

Automate repetitive tasks and reduce external Excel analysis by working directly Revit at all times.

Validate as you design

Enhance the data quality and minimize manual analysis by validating data from preliminary phase.

Visualize and Analyze

Make better informed-decisions by analyzing the model data and visualizing the outcome in 2D and 3D.


“What makes Xinaps unique is that they’ve been instrumental in helping us translate how we typically think in a product and application development way and transform that into a solution that fits seamlessly into a BIM process.”

– Marcus Fich, Global Business Development Manager

“We were looking for the right solution that automates the design of lighting fixtures. Xinaps made this process more efficient and reduced the chance of design mistakes significantly.”

– Philips Lighting, Research

“Sharing our profound fire safety expertise in early design stage of a building guarantees that the models of our clients are as accurate and complete as possible up to the level of necessary fire extinguishing equipment.”

– Koen van Dijk, Marketing Coordinator – Saval

what do we solve?