“What makes Xinaps unique is that they’ve been instrumental in helping us translate how we typically think in a product and application development way and transform that into a solution that fits seamlessly into a BIM process.”

 – Marcus Fich, Global Business Development Manager

“Sharing our profound fire safety expertise in early design stage of a building guarantees that the models of our clients are as accurate and complete as possible up to the level of necessary fire extinguishing equipment.”

– Koen van Dijk, Marketing Coordinator at Saval


When working in a large company, it is hard to communicate and access the latest version of a model real-time. Often that requires many professionals
to be physically present in the same room. The cloud structure of Verifi3D overcomes these obsolete patterns and brings the working flow to a different level. And we haven’t even unlocked its full potential yet.

– Edwin van Kleij, BIM Coordinator at Hazenberg Bouw

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